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Since the first moment I held a disposable camera up to my eye at the age of eight, photography for me has been a beloved language through which I communicate with the unseen world. Observing the beauty of light, expressing the poetry of the heart and documenting meaningful moments was my daily personal hobby until 2010 when, like a dream-come-true, my work moved into the professional sphere. It quickly grew to become my main source of income, for which I continually feel blessed to be an artist and a beauty maker in this world.

I am completely self-taught by experience and love for the art. Rather than capture, I strive to reveal the essence of who and what I find myself in conversation with; documenting with total presence in a way that connects, evokes and inspires the beauty and resilience that I see in each moment, in the human spirit and natural world.

“While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.” — Dorothea Lange

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Experienced & available for :

Portraiture / Photojournalism / Documentary

Family / Maternity / Newborn

Weddings / Events / Travel Stories

Product / Architectural / Design

Creative Collaborations



5 years as Contributing Writer + Photographer

Living in the Light of Rare Diseases

2 years as Contributing Writer + Photographer

For the Wild

Contributing Photographer for Call of the Forests

Allegra Entertainment & Events

7 years Architectural/Lighting/Event Photographer

Summer Search

4 years Event Photographer


Fibershed | Online Publications 2014 — 2019

Living in the Light of Rare Diseases | Online & Print Publications 2017 - 2019

Champions | Book, August 2019

Limitless | Book, October 2018

Loam Magazine | Resilience September 2018

For the Wild 2017 For the Wild Report

For the Wild | Call of the Forests Documentary, Alaska 2017

Inverness Almanac Volume II | Spotted Owl in Print 2016

Edition Local | 2015

Good Times Magazine | 2012

Via Magazine for AAA | 2011

SF Bay Guardian Newspaper Cover Page | 2010