"I truly feel like you helped me awaken deep parts of me that have been asleep for who knows how long. I had no idea what to expect from the session, which was nice because it put me in a position to be free of expectation…. then I realized it truly was a dance and to just surrender to my body. It had led me this far. It was one of the most beautiful dances I've ever experienced. I felt like everything I had been working towards was beginning to come together and I was remembering how to unite myself and the magic of me-- a union of sorts. I gave way to the unknown and am ever so grateful for the space you created. It was safe and vulnerable and intimate in a way that encouraged me to just trust! It's been a very long time since I allowed myself to trust me, so thank you." -Darby

"I have never in my life felt this sense of relaxation in my body before." -Deirdre

"Incredibly grateful for our time together.  My being + body is generating at a different speed… feels very much in alignment, in the flow, and at ease.  Thank you!" -Dana

"Thank you so much for a beautiful healing session, though you said it's our own body that did the healing, your energy was definitely what made it possible so thank you for being the guide. I definitely feel my body different and nervous system much calmer." -Natalia

"You hold people and you listen. By listening to me, you help me listen to myself." -Levi

"Reverent presence. Vibrant results!" -Isaiah

"Receiving a session is like getting a warm hug from your best friend." -Kaleigh

"I can't describe to you just how valuable it is for me to be on your table!" -Kaytee

"Immediately relaxing." -George

"I was able to just be a witness to my experience with more spaciousness and peace." -Jennifer

"I was having so many issues with my digestive system, it felt all tight and knotted. With just one session with you it was like the knots were untied and my digestion has felt amazing for the last 6 months! I can't believe it. " -Ashley

"I felt not only the release of stuck energy but the vertical waves of my fluid body. Fascinating and amazing...." -Susan