on being seen

sometimes it startles me to remember
what it feels like to be truly seen.

sometimes the waters break
and tears come, and i am small
on the ground, out of the great
love I have for this world,
for nature, for earth

sometimes its hard to keep going
to feel anything but that --
the overwhelming love and
ferocity of grace, of beauty
that i see, that sees me.

in the seeds, in the creatures
in the winds, under the trees
the waters break, I scream
I bleed, I love.

My heart is made of water
and Water is Life.
"I'm in love with a world that is being destroyed." -Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

How does a tender heart keep beating?
Sometimes I feel so naked, vulnerable, afraid
How do I penetrate these walls,
these fields of solidity
with this deep watery love?

I cant let it harden, I must keep feeling, grieving, believing
that this love has a place,
a firm ground to stand on
a power to grow from
that allows me to give love that is so needed.

We forget until we remember
what its like to be seen
from the seeds, from the creatures
from the winds, from the trees

from a world, that asks nothing of us,
if not to listen
and to speak,
and to stand
in our love for it,
in our care of it,
in the protection
of the tiny creatures
of the giant creatures
of the great, vast, 
intricately beautiful
supremely inexplicable,
ferociously undeniable
web of life.