biodynamic craniosacral

dynamic stillness


Navigating the numerous and numinous, liminal and luminous realms, Koa calls upon the forces of nature for healing. Reweaving the matrix of our bodies, remembering our elemental essence, and allowing for deep rest, her craniosacral practice builds trust and resilience in the body — first and foremost by working directly with the nervous system.

In session, Koa enters into a state of Stillness, where she allows presence and the Stillness itself to be a portal through which coherence reorganizes. She places hands on different parts of the body: holding, sensing and listening to the movements of the cerebral spinal fluid as well as the fluid rhythmic tides that permeate and breathe the body.

Transmissions, transmutations and healings occur. We unwind, resettle, reestablish equilibrium. We transmute pain, tension, stuck energies, and dissipate blockages. Multiple levels of consciousness are accessed — visionary experiences and insights are common.

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Sessions are scheduled for 1.5-2 hours to allow time to drop in together first with tea, and for integration afterwards. For newcomers, a series of sessions is recommended as they build upon one another; as the body retrains and remembers to down-regulate its nervous system and to incorporate its own healing.


Since 2011 Koa has been immersed in the study of craniosacral biodynamics, led to it initially from her own healing crisis. She has apprenticed and assisted multiple teachers in the US and South America. In 2016 she became certified through the Dynamic Stillness School, a branch of biodynamic practice that originated and is evolving from William Sutherland's cranial osteopathy. Currently she serves as assistant to the Dynamic Stillness School's advanced courses.

residencies + retreats:

  • Assistant to Giorgia Milne: Dynamic Stillness School’s Advanced Mentor Course 2018-2019

  • Practitioner in Residence: Guatemala. January 2019

  • Practitioner in Residence: Center, Inverness, CA. 2018

  • Practitioner in Residence: AY^AM, Los Angeles, CA. February/September 2018

  • Practitioner: HoneyRoot Gathering, Nevada City, CA. California 2017

  • Practitioner: Spirit Weavers Gathering, Oregon 2017

  • Practitioner: Intimacy with Nature Retreat, Kauai 2017

  • Practitioner: DreamCraft Kundalini + Tea Retreat, Topanga, CA 2017

  • Practitioner in Residence: EarthSpa, Fairfax, California. 2016

  • Apprentice to Janet Evergreen: Ecuador 2013